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Paul McMahon is the man behind The Rusted Pixel. I came across his work while browsing Behance and spent a good few hours going through the renders and breakdowns of his project “On The Run”.

The vehicle designs are fun and dynamic. The modelling shows personality in each different vehicle. The transitions between each vehicle are seamless and suit the style of the entire project. I particularly love the grungy, dirty textures he’s made for each vehicle. It gives them a cartoony/comic book style that is quite hard to achieve in the 3D world. He even shows you the entire creative process! It’s amazing when you find such a talented artist that gives back to the community. This project is well worth a look, but I hope you don’t have anything important to do… these pages might suck you in!

Check out On The Run.

Paul also has an AMAZING 3D modelling course on mographmentor. Check it out here. (No affiliation, just really love his work)

For more work by The Rusted Pixel, check out his Instagram, Dribbble, Vimeo and Behance pages.