This was a 48-hour animation competition run by Cardiff Draw. Everyone participating gets given a theme on Friday evening, and they need to write a story, design and animate an animation by Sunday evening. It was incredibly stressful and there was soooooo much I would change about it if I had the time. I do plan to make a much nicer version of it when I have the time, but for now, I’ll leave this here.

The story was a collaboration between myself and my partner, Man Chong Li, who also drew the storyboard, edited, recorded the sound effects (listening out for him screaming) as well as designing the faces, choosing the title font and colour (there was no time to change it).

I designed the characters, modelled, textured, rigged and animated them all (no mixamo), as well as animated the cameras, all in Cinema 4D and rendered in Redshift. The lighting is possibly my biggest issue with the entire piece but when you’ve got 48 hours including minimal sleep, it’s not the worst it could have been.

I’d say I’ll never do it again, but, it was quite a rush.


Well Donion – 48 Hour Competition


Quick Draw


Cinema 4D
After Effects


Man Chong Li – Storyboard, editing, recording sound effects, 2D design

Cinema 4D – Modelling, texturing, lighting, camera animation, rigging, animation, Redshift
After Effects – Compositing, colour correction