This was a personal project that meant a lot to me. During the first initial wave of Covid, most of the world went into lockdown. It was seen everywhere that animals were starting to venture into areas they were unable to before, cloudy waters became clear and pollution levels started dropping.

I saw an article from the World Economic Forum meeting, in Davos in Jan 2020. The head of sustainability at Coke said they would continue to produce and use single-use plastic bottles because consumers want them. They were found to be the top plastic polluters in the world for the second year in a row last year. I thought to myself how bad it has to get before companies stop putting the onus on consumers and actually think about putting the planet first. I imagined oceans filled with plastic bottles as far as the eye can see, and I started making it. This is the result.




Personal Project


Cinema 4D
After Effects


Cinema 4D – Modelling, texturing, lighting, camera animation, dynamics, rigging, animation, Redshift
After Effects – Compositing, colour correction
Illustrator – Template and shape creation