Sky asked me to create 45 videos where they would have different influencers appearing like they were at home watching tv and then suddenly their surroundings would change and start to show elements from the show they were watching coming to life in their environment. I worked with a couple of people to create extra styleframe options whilst also designing some myself. I also worked with a couple of animators who helped me roto and animate these videos. All credits can be found below.


Bring Home Social Campaign




Cinema 4D
After Effects


Styleframes – Ploy Motion, Alixe Lobato, Fredrico Parodi, Rich Tilley, Olly Townsend
Animations – Ploy Motion, Alixe Lobato, Fredrico Parodi,  Vincent Garzo
Consultant – Bernie Jezowski

Cinema 4D – Modelling, texturing, lighting, dynamics, rigging, animation, Redshift
After Effects – Compositing, colour correction, graphic creation and design, animation, rotoing
Photoshop – Styleframes, background creation, texture creation, texture editing