Point 8 are an animation studio based in East London. They asked me to make an ident for them that incorporated their logo in a cool way. I chose to make a 3D ident with Cinema 4D’s dynamics and Octane.

I played with the idea of not seeing anything until the illuminated shapes dropped down and showed the form of the logo. I used fields a lot to trigger a small hint of lightning and displacement where the glass is being hit by the shapes. I also experimented with a new modifier that changed the size of the shapes after they’ve been triggered by dynamics. It was a huge headscratcher at times, but I’m really happy with the result!


Ident Animation


Point 8


Cinema 4D
After Effects


Cinema 4D – Modelling, texturing, lighting, camera animation, dynamics, rigging, animation, Redshift
After Effects – Compositing, colour correction
Illustrator – Template and shape creation