2020 was a crazy year and all industries have seen huge changes. I ran a survey in September 2020 to see how the mograph industry has been affected. This video shows my collected results from Mograph Covid Survey that some very lovely and honest people filled in.

216 people filled in the survey and although this won’t be as representative of the larger populous, these results can hopefully give us some idea of how the industry may have reacted during this time. There were a number of results that I, unfortunately, couldn’t include because the people in certain categories were too small in responses to be illustrative of a group as a whole.

If you’d like to see the raw data, it’s here.

Thank you SO MUCH to those who filled in and/or shared the survey. Thank you also to Hayley from Motion Hatch who shared the survey in their newsletter. Also thanks to Rob Ackerman for the track, and Man Chong Li for the constant feedback and support.


Mograph Covid Survey


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