I created 2D & 3D animations for the Kong: Skull Island social campaign.

The countdown 3D animation used footage of a woman opening her eyes. I recreated her face using Cinema 4D to create a model I could then use to put paint on top of. All the paint designs were designed by myself, using the scenes in the film as a reference.

The second video is a 2D animation with a lot of rotoing and added visual effects to make it appear as if elements from the edit were bursting out of the words. This was all made using After Effects.

The last video on this page was an endcard to be used at the end of all the edits. I wanted to make it look like a forgotten cave, a graveyard where the remains of previous explorers can be seen. This was made with Cinema 4D.


Kong: Skull Island – Various Assets


Warner Bros


Cinema 4D
After Effects


Cinema 4D – Modelling, texturing, lighting, camera animation, animation
After Effects – Compositing, colour correction, graphic creation and design, animation, rotoing
Photoshop – Background creation, texture creation, texture editing
Illustrator – Template and shape creation