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Bernie is an amazing and talented graphic designer. He also happens to be a great friend of mine but don’t go thinking I’m biased!

His work is always pushing and experimenting in ways I have yet to see break out on the ol’ Pinterest and Dribbble pages. He seems to be constantly thinking outside the box. Once he finds a technique he’s interested in, he practices and hones this skill until he is a master at it. He’s won a tonne of Poster Design awards from the likes of Poster Spy and Talent House as well as featuring in a book! He’s a big gamer too which feeds a lot into his influences and his creativity. I owe a lot to Bernie as he helped me with my gorgeous website (if I do say so myself). He’s pretty much a whizz at anything he puts his mind to. If only we were all like Bernie eh?

To see more of Bernie’s work, check out his website and Instagram account.